Pagan House Cleansing



Step 1

Clean the house. If this is a new home, leave your old cleaning supplies in the old house and start fresh.

Step 2

Move the salt into the house. Salt brings good luck to the house and should always be the first item moved into your new home.

Step 3

Now that the house is clean, it's time to cleanse. Light the smudge stick and begin at the front door. Move around the house in a clockwise motion holding the smudge in front of you.

Step 4

When you reach a window circle the window counterclockwise asking that anyone or anything be barred from entering. Move the smudge over the window panes to make smoke "bars" across the window.

Step 5

When you reach an outside door, ask that only those with good intentions be allowed to enter and that any negativity is left outside. Don't bar the door, but circle it counterclockwise with the smudge.

Step 6

Throw a pinch of salt into dark corners or into rooms that you feel need more attention. Salt will help to remove negative energy.

Step 7

When you enter a room, travel around the perimeter making sure the smoke enters each corner. It's a nice touch to ask your guests for their best wishes specifically for that room. For example, while smudging a kitchen you might ask that you wish this room to be a warm, inviting place for friends and family members to share good meals and company, and then invite your guests for their own blessings or wishes for the room.

Step 8

If you have an attic or storage space, bar the entrance as you did to the windows, asking that no one be allowed to enter.

Step 9

End your house cleansing at the front door where you started. Announce that the cleansing is complete and thank your guests for their participation.

Step 10

It's customary to conclude a house blessing with a great feast, so bring out the food and drink and let love and laughter enter your new home.


Posted by EntityHunters